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Using webelenses.com for my camera needs is so easy, and fast, and I highly recommend it for any camera enthusiast. The online process is great, and...

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I have been renting lenses from webelenses for the last two years to take pictures of my daughters gymnastics team. The lenses I get are always in...

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I've rented lenses from webelenses several times this year and have enjoyed working with them. The products have always been in excellent working...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you and why are you doing this?

     We're a small business run by "shutterbug" amateur/professional photographers. Over the years we found we often wanted a lens for a vacation, or we just wanted to try out a lens before we invested large amounts of money. Being located in a small town 30 miles east of Nashville, Tennessee, far from the major camera venues there was nowhere we could rent a lens. So, we had to buy it. We felt guilty that we spent so much for something that sat on the shelf for long periods of time or until camera "season" rolled around. We went online and had the opportunity to rent a lens. This was a disaster. Everything we wanted to play with was "out of stock". When they finally had something for us to rent they charged exorbitant shipping and handling fees on top of the rental. We decided there had to be a better way. We started WEBELENSES.com. Although we can not guarantee that the Canon lens you want will be available, we offer a "standby" waiting list that instantly will let you know when the lens becomes available. In addition, you pay the exact shipping costs as posted by the United States Postal Service.

*First Time Customers, Take note!*

     First time customers must be approved by our security people, which takes 1-2 days AFTER your order is placed . A generic email address (hotmail, gmail, yahoo etc.), cell phone numbers, etc. provide no verification information and make the process nearly impossible. Use of land line, listed phone numbers, verifiable business and student email addresses, even a note linking us to your professional web pages, will help the process. A copy of your drivers' license and/or credit card will be very helpful. If we are unable to verify your identity and information sufficiently to satisfy our security people, we reserve the right to ask for a deposit, usually in the form of a credit card authorization hold.

     If we need further information from you to verify or approve your order, we will contact you via email. If we don't get a response, we may attempt to phone you. If we still get no respose, your order will be cancelled. 

For security purposes, we have had to add these rules to our rental process:

1. We CANNOT accept pre-paid or re-loadable credit cards!

2. We DO NOT accept cash or checks for an order. Orders must be placed online with a credit card or by phone PRIOR to local pickup or shipping.

3. For first timers, only the person on the credit card may pick up the lens...no exceptions!

4. For first timers, only one lens/camera per rental.

5. We may ask for a copy of your driver's license and credit card. You can scan and email them to us in advance to make things faster. Local pickup, bring your ID and credit card.

6. We absolutely WILL NOT lease equipment out to first time customers on a last-minute basis. Please don't ask. Our verification process take 1-2 days AFTER you place an order.

 7. PLEASE do not show up here in town expecting $3500 worth of camera gear to be handed to you without prior arrangements. We don't care who you know, or who you work for. Don't laugh, it's happened. 

*..........about payment!*

      When you place an order through our secure shopping cart, your credit card is subject to a hold for the amount of your purchase. We usually do not actually charge your card until 24 hours before we ship to you or you pick up locally. For future reservations more that 2 weeks away, it is best to email or phone.

*Do you charge a deposit?*

     Not usually.  If our security people can't verify your information or identity to satisfy them, OR equipment has been returned damaged or late in the past, we reserve the right to ask for a deposit, usually in the form of an authorization hold on your credit card. This is not a charge, and it costs you nothing. It's merely a "hold" for the amount of the deposit. We will release the hold immediately upon safe return of the gear at the end of your rental. If your credit card cannot take the strain, we will be happy to cancel your order with no charge.

*Can I extend  my rental?*

     In many cases, yes. It depends on our current stock, and any reservations on the equipment. Sometimes, we have to have it back. Extensions are granted on a weekly basis, and the charge will be 85% per week of the one week rate. You must request (and pay for) a longer rental up front to take advantage of the multi-week rates.

What comes with the Canon lens?

     The Canon lens rental will arrive in a protective, fitted Pelican case that is easy and convenient to carry. Your Canon lens rental will also include a B+W multicoated 010 UV/Haze protective filter that will protect the Canon lens glass from scratches, reduce haze for you film people, and minimize reflection. In addition, a protective front and rear lens cap and the proper dedicated hood for preventing sun glare will be provided with ALL lenses, not just the ones that come with hoods from Canon.

What if I damage the lens?

     Let us know immediately. Our lease agreement states if the lens is broken you are responsible either for replacing it or paying for repairs. Minor damage is repaired at Canon, NJ and we will charge you the actual repair cost plus shipping, no more than that. If it is not repairable, we'll charge you the cost of full replacement value. We do not charge you rental while the lens is being repaired as long as you let us know about damage before you send the lens back.

Remember, the lens or camera is your responsibility while in your possession.

What do you consider damage?

     Any scratches or scuff marks on the glass of the lens. Any impact damage to the mechanicals such as failure to auto-focus, inability to zoom or focus is considered damage. Water or moisture within the lens is damage. Minor scuff marks to the barrel or hood are considered normal use, not damage. If you tell us "it just stopped working" we will use the Canon repair center as arbitrators. If they say "impact damage" or "water damage" etc., you are responsible. Canon, NJ has the final say.

How do you know the lens wasn't damaged in shipping?

     You should see how we pack these things. The Pelican Case that is provided is beyond durable. However, once the Canon lens arrives, take it out of the case and try it immediately. If there is a problem let us know within 4 hours of arrival and we will work with you to get it resolved. We clean, maintain and try out every Canon lens before placing it in the case for shipping.

When does my rental period begin and end?

     Rental begins the day after the Canon lens is signed for by you. If the post office delivers (or attempts to deliver) the lens on Monday your rental begins on Tuesday, etc. On the last day of the rental (7, 14 or 21 days) you must ship the lens back to us.

Can I take the lens out of the U.S.?

     The Canon lens MUST be delivered to and returned from a United States address. As much as we would like to come with you on your vacation to see the sights and watch over our lens, we can not, so please know this: The Canon lens is your responsibility while in your possession. Canon lenses are targets for thieves. You must take every precaution and keep a close eye on it at all times. Your homeowners' or pro photographer insurance may have limitations as well. Know YOUR policy in advance.

What if the lens does get stolen?

     Report it immediately to the authorities and obtain a copy of the report. Then, immediately inform us. As we stated in previous FAQ's, your homeowners' or pro photographer insurance may have limitations, so know YOUR policy in advance. As for us, your rental agreement specifically states that you shall bear the entire risk of loss or damage.

Can I reserve a lens?

     Yes! First, email us to make sure the gear you would like is available on your dates, then contact us by phone or email to place a reservation. If you need to cancel a reservation, a cancellation fee of $15.00 per unit will be charged 

Can I rent more than one lens or camera at a time?

     Yes, but only if you are an established customer.

Should I clean the lens before returning it?

     No. There is no need for you to clean the lens before returning it, and in fact, we prefer you don't. Cleaning and maintaining the Canon lens is part of the service we provide to our customers.


What are shipping costs?

     We use USPS priority mail for shipping. We make every attempt to ship the Canon lens in moderately priced boxes so that the price you pay is the exact shipping amount. We do not "pad" shipping costs to make an extra dollar. We feel that that is not the way to do business. Choose a lens and "add" it to your cart. Then, (without giving us any personal information) you can "Estimate Shipping". SHIPPING WILL ALWAYS BE LESS THAN THE QUOTED ESTIMATE. THIS IS A MAXIMUM COST.  THE POST OFFICE HAS MANY OPTIONS, WE WILL ALWAYS SHIP LOWEST COST.

How long until you ship the lens?

     Repeat customer shipping is usually within 24 hours. New customer orders may take 24 to 48 hours to ship while we verify the credit information.

How long does shipping take?

     USPS Priority mail is usually 2 or 3 days. The west coast and western mountain states are usually 3 or 4 days. You WILL need to sign for the Canon lens when it arrives.

Is faster shipping available?

     We will ship by overnight or second day air via UPS, but you'll have to make arrangements with us in advance. In general second day air prices are affordable, overnight charges aren't (unless somebody else is paying the bill).

How do I return the lens?

     We will have a prepaid return-shipping label in the box with your Canon lens. Repack the Canon lens or camera in the Pelican case, lock the lid (remember to include the hood, filter and caps). Place the case in the same box that was originally shipped to you along with the packaging material and seal the box. Place the return label on the box and take it to the post office for shipping.

What if my return date falls on a holiday?

     This seems to happen about 10 times a year. If so, you are required to ship your lens back the following day (or the next day that the USPS is open).

Can I pick up the Canon lens in person?

     Yes! We can now arrange local pickup and return in Lebanon, Tennessee, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please contact us by email before placing your order, fill out an order on our website, and under shipping, on the checkout page, check "local pickup". We can then arrange for you to pick up your lens or camera.





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